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Stylish Outdoor Ashtray

Zack’s trademark style and high quality are clearly seen with the Lenos Ashtray on Stand. Made from stainless steel, the ashtray is perfect for patios, offices, restaurants and hotels. It is the perfect height for patio chairs and can easily be moved out of the way and cleaned.
Lenos Ashtray on Stand
It stands at 69cms tall and, while smoking may no longer be regarded as fashionable, there is no reason why your ashtray can’t be. The Lenos Ashtray on Stand will withstand all weather conditions and is sure to last for many years. Zack has once again produced a product which is unmatchable.

Available now from Proleno, on the web at, on the phone on 0207 965 7199


I would like to order at least one of these… possibly two. How can that be arranged, as I cannot find them on the site? Thank you.